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Corn flour – Properties

Corn flour  – Properties

The corn we use cook the to famous mamaliga contain several important  vitamins - A, B, C and E, and minerals - potassium, magnesium and iron. The most impressive fact is that this nutritional maize contains 85% unsaturated fatty acids and lots of fiber.

Crushed corn flour, therefore represent the main source of "bread" of Romanian peasants in ancient times. Today, mamaliga is in the menus of many fine restaurants, as a substitute for bread except the white flour,together with fish, cheese, cream, milk and garlic sauce.

Used medicinally, internally or externally administered mamaliga has detoxifying , anti-inflammatory, soothing, liver and digestive

Colds and sore throat

Apply to the affected area (neck and chest) mamaliga poultices. Another good option is to drink soft mamaliga porridge prepared with honey and butter in the evening.

Detoxifies the liver and kidneys

Corn contains remarkable detoxifying substances that help the liver to eliminate toxins and to maintain its healthy from cirrhosis, liver failure or other liver diseases. Cornmeal porridge could reduce by 20% the risk of diseases of the liver cell. Mamaliga increases the secretion and discharge of bile. It is recommended for those patients
suffering of cholecystitisdiet, biliary dyskinesia or dyspepsia.

For kidney stones drink corn silk tea for its natural diuretic effect.

Protects the stomach, intestines and gall

Eating porridge brings important benefits to intestines due to fatty acids palmitic and arachidic protective role of maize root. The amazing thing is that these acids are absorbed very quickly into the intestine, without suffering
chemicals"injury" .

Mamaliga benefits> slimming cure Mamaliga

It is said that Mamaliga fats, but the truth is that when consumed soft mamaliga
help in diets, because it contains more fiber and almost a quarter of the calories bread have . People who are obese may find that maize porridge quickly gives a feeling of satiety. Mamaliga is a great cure for the symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness, mental fatigue and weight gain caused by hypothyroidism.

Mamaliga makes longevity

Researchers found that mamaliga is great but to reduce the incidence of endocrine diseases by at least 50% to prevent mental illness and increase life. Polenta is also recommended for diabetics because it can regulate blood sugar levels. In terms of heart disease by lowerig
Cholesterol effect , mamaliga lowers the risk of atherosclerosis and heart attack.

Massage hair with corn

Cornmeal stimulates hair growth. Apply a handful of cornmeal on the scalp and massage a few minutes. It is good to wash your hair after 2-3 days from application of cornmeal.


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Corn flour  – Properties
Corn flour – Properties
The corn we use cook the to famous mamaliga contain several important  vit...
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