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About us

About us


Mill with gold flour from Iurceni Iurceneanca (also known as Iurceanca)
15 years on local market
100% privateMoldovan capital, limited liability company

We are a limited liability enterprise holding operating in the agro-industrial complex, located in Moldova, involved in a wide range of activities, such as agriculture, grain storage, production of corn flour, corn oil, furage, meal.


Our mission is to provide consumers with products of the highest quality and nutritionally balanced. Therefore, the activity of research and development is one of our activities that is in close correlation with the market demand and the dynamics of consumer preferences.

15 years of tradition and professionalism in sustainable partnership relations, make Miaco Lux remain for all his collaborators - a reliable partner!


Active presence on the local market and international market; leading national products with competitive advantages and high quality level;  and the best quality  and price;

Responsibility for the health of consumers and the general public, reflected by offering nutritionally balanced products, manufactured in compliance with European standards in the field;





Delicious Recipes

Corn flour  – Properties
Corn flour – Properties
The corn we use cook the to famous mamaliga contain several important  vit...
Moldavian Mamaliga
Moldavian Mamaliga
In a pot put water and salt to boil, sprinkle a tablespoon of corn flour. When w...