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SRL Miaco Lux is a company that represents the connection between respect for tradition of Moldovan quality agriculture and the modern processing. We have respect for tradition, because in Moldova nature have always been an integral part of the lives of these people. We have technologies because proper processing of cereals gives our products high nutritional value, freshness and great diversity. Corn flour is the product obtained by milling the whole grains, where the germs are removed, the remainder is milled down to the appropriate degree of fineness;

SRL Miaco Lux has implemented and maintains a quality system that ensures consumers and customers consistent quality and food safety products. Product quality and food safety is monitored by the control and inspection activities performed at the reception of raw materials, continuing with supervision of production processes and packaging.

Delicious Recipes

Corn flour  – Properties
Corn flour – Properties
The corn we use cook the to famous mamaliga contain several important  vit...
Moldavian Mamaliga
Moldavian Mamaliga
In a pot put water and salt to boil, sprinkle a tablespoon of corn flour. When w...