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Corn flour extra for the most
Tasty mamaliga
Tradition and quality in a
National Product
Natural and



Thanks to performant manufacturing recipes and high quality raw materials, although adapted for household use , they had a high production efficiency and the results are easily observed in poultry, pigs, cattle, sheep or rabbits growth. Meat, eggs and milk are high quality products manufactured in large industrial farms.

Besides its economic efficiency, the feed is "clean", with no added hormones, meat flour, various antibiotics and growth stimulants or other substances hazardous to human or animal health. Obviously the taste and appearance of meat and eggs have the highest quality parameters.

Depending on the specific situation of each household, customers can use granulated
feed form or concentrate grain mixed feed .

Delicious Recipes

Corn flour  – Properties
Corn flour – Properties
The corn we use cook the to famous mamaliga contain several important  vit...
Moldavian Mamaliga
Moldavian Mamaliga
In a pot put water and salt to boil, sprinkle a tablespoon of corn flour. When w...